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Brasa, a scrumptious passion in Brazil.

We are proud of what we do.

Our work brings food to all of Brazil, boosting the economy, generating employment, transforming and adding value to the lives of many people.

It is a great responsibility as well as a great satisfaction, since it is all made with love.

The love for the food we produce from the very first day we opened the doors of our factory was the same that helped us walk the path of excellence, flavor and quality, and is what seasons our daily lives to encourage us to do our best.

And love, this word that seems so unattainable, is what guides and motivates us to bring the best products both to the shops and stores that are concerned with flavor and also to the tables in every household, because we know that it is actually possible.

With the expertise and commitment of our staff, we know we have gone far and that we will go beyond what we have reached so far; but one thing we are sure of: this is the path to take the passion invested by each Brasa professional in the manufacturing of our food items.



With its manufacturing plant installed in the city of Elias Fausto, in the state of São Paulo, Brasa has a broad experience in manufacturing burgers, meatballs, kibbeh, garlic bread, and pão de queijo (Brazilian cheese bread), as well as its new lines of successful products, such as Calabresa Sausage, Bacon and Smoked Pork Products, packed full of flavor, using only the best raw materials and ingredients.

With its logistics recognized as being a synonym of punctuality and quality, it delivers the best products from North to South of Brazil.

Environmental Awareness

Brasa implemented an environmental area with native trees, an orchard, and a stream with preserved spring.

The heat generated by the air conditioning system heats the water that sterilizes the environments, materials and people.

The water is treated and has its purity level checked prior to being returned to the hydric systems.

The production area uses LED lighting system, which reduces in up to 80% the energy consumption.

All raw-material packages are sent to recycling.