Almôndegas de Carne Bovina – 500g

Almôndega Brasa Tradicional – Embalagem 500g.

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Descrição do Produto

Beef and Poultry Frozen Meatballs.

Quantidade por Caixa
Net Weight 500 g.
Keep frozen at -12°C or colder
2 months
80-g portion (3 units)
Valor energético
135 kcal = 567kJ | %VD 6
6,9g | %VD 3
11g | %VD 13
Gorduras Totais
7,2g | %VD 14
Gorduras Saturadas
2,7g | %VD 14
Gorduras Trans
0,3g | %VD **
Fibra Alimentar
0g | %VD 0
106mg | %VD 24
Beef, Poultry, Water (10.48%), Beef Fat, Soy Protein (Agrobacterium sp., Bacillus thuringiensis) (3.98%), Refined Salt, Natural Spices (garlic, spring onion, marjoram, white pepper, allspice, red pepper, basil, cardamom). Flavoring: Onion nature-identical flavoring, Stabilizer: Sodium Polyphosphate (INS 4251), Flavor enhancer: Monosodium Glutamate (INS 621), Antioxidant: Sodium Erythorbate (INS 316), Food coloring: Paprika (INS 160c) and Natural Aroma. GLUTEN-FREE. ALLERGIES: Contains Soy Derivatives.
Modo de Preparo:

On medium heat, heat 2 cups of oil in a pan or deep frying pan, for approximately 10 minutes. Place up to 10 meatballs, still frozen, and deep fry them in hot oil for about 7 minutes. Turn them over in half the time.