Brasa launches 3 new product lines and continues expanding its portfolio. Check it out!

The concern in taking what is best to the table of the Brazilians has always been part of Brasa.

And continuing its work of conquering the market and bringing more items to the daily lives of people, the company has just launched three delicious new products: the new lines of Calabresa-type sausage, bacon, and smoked pork products. The Calabresa-type sausage is available in the 2-kg traditional, 2-unit traditional, 2-kg straight, and 1-kg sliced packages.
Bacon is sold in half-slab, whole slab, and portioned packages, as well as 1-kg sliced, 1-kg cube packages, smoked pork shoulder, smoked pork leg, and smoked loin.

The line of smoked pork products includes whole smoked pork ribs, portioned smoked pork ribs, smoked and cooked loin, front and rear pork knees. In other words, there are 17 new SKUs arriving in the market to add much more flavor to the meals.

Perfect for those who have a food business and those who wish to buy for their own consumption. Go with Brasa and it will be a hit!